no. 05 : 19 Reasons Why You Should Go Out With Me at Least One Time

1. I like your cat.

2. I like your dog.

3. I will never send you an unsolicited photo of my "junk."* 
* The author has been informed by female dating site participants that UJPs (unsolicited junk photos) are a major scourge.

4. I know about the stuff in art and natural history museums and think they are a great way to spend a Saturday.

5. And so is hiking.

6. And so is a craft fair.

7. And so is a craft beer fair.

8. I know all the words to La Bamba--in Spanish and English.

9. I am the captain. I am the captain. I am the captain.

10. I own my own lederhosen so you now have an excuse to buy that dirndl you've always wanted. (You're welcome.)

11. I am bald and therefore will never steal your hair tending implements.

12. I like your smile AND your brains (but not in that creepy "zombie way").

13. I have an opinion when you ask, "The black dress or the blue one?"

14. I make a mean chicken salad. (The secret is dill weed.)

15. "Dill weed" was not used as an expletive in that last item.

16. I always carry a hoody in my car in case you get cold or need to wear a sweatshirt with a hood on it.

17. The Surgeon General recommends spending time with me because you will laugh, which is great for your abs area. (The Surgeon General is all about the abs area.)

18. We will karaoke and we will do a duet and rock the "f" out of that "s."

19. Because I kept you reading all the way to the end of the 19 items in this list.


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