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no. 19 : It is watermelon time in Abilene, Texas!

It is immense. Beyond comprehension and promising joy and never ending refreshment. Holding court in the kitchen, cool to the touch, king of the counter top—The Watermelon!

The four little grandsons are in awe.

How many seeds are in it? How many?! How many seeds?

A curved knife pierces its skin.
Stand back, boys! 
Inside, rich pink flesh is stippled with dark black seeds.

Look at the white seeds! You can eat the white ones!

But don’t eat the rind, boys.

No! Never eat the rind. 

It’ll give you a stomach ache.

Not a stomach ache! No! 

Four grandsons stripped to their skivs. Stripped for ease of cleaning after the feast.

These grandsons wearing also and only their socks and their shoes clamber out the back of the house.

The screen door slaps shut.

Arranged around a low table a menagerie of household items serve as chairs.

A stool.
A vinyl ottoman.
A polyester fur covered donkey with wheels.
A potty training chair, with the chamber pot removed.

Here comes the prize!

Piled high on plates, the sli…

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