no. 06 : A Late Night Freestyle Rap Battle

I engaged in a freestyle rap battle with Tony Bennett and took him to school. He was super gracious and a good sport.

"You're my hero Tony Bennett, but you know me, I got to win it. My rhymes are fresh--DJ spin it!"

"I'm in this rap battle, gonna throw out a bunch of words that rhyme, like cattle, and girl you make me rattle."

And then I found my groove.

"Dancing on my toes, toes, toes. Girl you know I love you smaller, but it's cool when you're a little taller. Dancing on your toes."

We opened for Britney Spears. She wasn't feeling it, but I gave her a pep talk. She did an awesome show, you guys.

Such are my dreams after getting meat drunk at a Brazilian steak house.


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